Tuesday, April 7, 2015


........you might find you need to refresh this page if you pause or signal gets cut off .........

   We use some jingles and snippets from TV and music albums but not long enough or good enough quality to pay royalties... of course if anyone hears their stuff played and wants royalties just email or phone me and we can organize this. See bottom of this post for credits and email etc.


   We hope to supply comedy chat and music maybe even news when we possibly can. If there is news we will try for good news not a repeat of the constant bad news, weather? who cares you are at home comfy listening to the radio right? We believe entertainment is the future as all the jobs are being taken over by robots eventually no one will have any work left and all we will have is to entertain each other...
   We have copyrights to Citizen Cain www.citizencain.nl which we will be playing
To phone in to this radio station and answer one of our questions for the prize to be yours $1,000,000 yes that's right see Terms and conditions. You'll need to copy and this number into your speed dial and have it ready cos first come first serve. 01316187474
Credits to our play-list of offline jingles and stuff until we create our own better ones ..........
Some stuff will be sound tracks from my YouTube channel 

 "Lord of the Rings" "Matrix" "Labyrinth" "2001" "Twelve Monkeys" "Babylon 5" "Hitchhikers guide ton the Galaxy"and clips from "REAL RADIO Scotland" from before 2000 with Robin Galloway saying "and we are going back in time and I mean way back in time....."(Asked his permision for this he said yes
BBC YouTube channell https://www.youtube.com/user/BBC
REAL RADIO online is a good bit behind real radio on a "real radio" but it's just internet lag... http://www.liveonlineradio.net/uk/real-radio-scotland.htm 

   My email is found on my main home page. or contact me on www.facebook.com/alan.bell.925

We are currently gathering links for you to visit to see where we gathered our jingles from so you can visit their own pages AND PLEASE DO this way they can receive royalties each time you watch on YouTube, more will appear here soon.....